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Covid-19 Procedure

Yard Process with Covid-19 Social Distancing

Due to Covid-19 we are reducing contact to keep our customers and staff safe. Please respect the social distancing measures of 6 feet while dealing with our staff. If you are sick, or have been out of the province in the last 14 days, please remain in your vehicle while in our yard. 

We have installed an intercom to assist with in-yard pick ups or delivery scheduling. Please pull up to the Drive Up Intercom and one of the office staff will assist you. If it works for you to call ahead for your pick up, please continue to do so and when you arrive in the yard, pull up to the intercom and let us know that you are here for your pick up and we will guide you to the pick up location and process your payment. We are trying to be as contactless as possible and all paperwork will be emailed. 

To have our staff assist you with the calculation of your yardage, or any questions you have for materials needed for your project, please email us at info@anseeuwbros.com and we would be happy to figure it out for you and either email or call you back with the information.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 

Delivery Process with Covid-19 Social Distancing

For delivery of product we ask that you kindly mark your dump spot prior to our driver arriving, this way we can ensure that product is placed in the correct area. If you would like to come out and talk with our Driver, we ask that you please maintain a safe distance of at least 6’. If you would prefer to stay inside, that is completely understandable, we will then have the Driver call you to confirm the product and location.

We are hoping to make this change to our processes as easy and safe as possible for our staff and customers.