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Answers to Common Questions

What soil would be best for a new garden?

We recommend our Deluxe 4-Way Mixed Soil for filling in new garden beds.

What would I use for laying new sod?

Landscaper 4-Way Mixed Soil is recommended for use under sod with a minimum depth of 3 - 4”.

I would like to top up my existing flower bed, what soil should I use?

Cheetham's 5-Way Soil Mix is recommended for existing flower and vegetable gardens.

What type of manure is used in your soil mixes?

Anseeuw Brothers uses aged cow manure in all their soil mixes.

I am making a play box for my children in the back yard; what type of sand is recommended?

There are two options for sand in play boxes: Play Sand, which holds its shape when wet, but may stick to clothing, or Garden Sand that stays loose even when wet and is less likely to stick to clothing.

How do you calculate the cubic yards required?

Use our Volume Calculator to determine exactly how much product you'll need.