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Landscaping Leader

Anseeuw Brothers Ltd. has been a leading provider of landscaping supplies in Winnipeg and surrounding areas since 1976.

Located just off the South Perimeter Highway, Anseeuw Brothers provides a wide range of bulk soil, gravel, sand, mulch and custom mixes. We blend top quality soil products that have been piled a year in advance and maintained without the use of chemicals. The pH values are checked regularly to ensure that they are at optimum levels. All our soil is mixed, pulverized and screened on-site at our south perimeter location.

All our products are on display at our yard and we welcome you to drop by and discover the perfect product for your landscape design needs.

Pickup and Delivery

At Anseeuw Brothers you can pick up bulk materials in any size from 1/4 - cubic yard and up. All materials are also available by 20L pail, pails can be purchased from us or you can bring your own! 

Delivery of our products is available in our tandem trucks or semi-trailers to Winnipeg and surrounding areas; minimum order size is 1/4 - cubic yard.

Landscape Design Advice

Anseeuw Brothers has developed strong relationships with local landscapers. If you require landscape design or project completion support, we would be pleased to recommend one to you.

Contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule your delivery.